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Texts and Talks

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Transforming Print

Transforming Print PhD Thesis explores the social impact of print and the print studio as a social space

What is Paper

What is Paper: Short essay about paper

Paper and the Land of the Menominee

Paper and the Land of the Menominee:  Essay that explores the relationship between paper, land, and people in Wisconsin

Americas Founding Papers

Americas Founding Papers:  Essay that explore the documents that founded America

Velazquez's Papers

Velazquez's Papers:  Essay explores the role of paper in the live and work of the artist

Mr Scalpel's Revenge

Mr Scalpel's Revenge: Short essay on the recent work of Andrjez Krauze

Webolution Wow: Who Needs Posters

Webolution Wow: Who Needs Posters:  Paper looking at the impact of cyberspace on protest graphics

Patarei Captive Light

Patarei Captive Light: Essay exploring the uncanny parallels between the camera and the prison



Exit Through the Gift Shop: Entry by the Backdoor

Exit Through the Gift Shop: Entry by the Backdoor: Book review Banksy: The Bristol Legacy edited by Paul Gough

Graphite Tales

Graphite TalesBook reviewHow to Sharpen Pencils by David Rees

Never Mind the Aura Pass the Clone

 Never Mind the Aura Pass the Clone: Exhibition review for a show in 2028 for Grapheion Magazine 

Exhibition Catalogues

Memoirs From a Cold Utopia

Exhibition exploring ways in which artists in former Eastern Europe has responded to social changes in the twenty years following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Open Catalogue

Taking Issue

Exhibition of artists associated with Paddington Printshop and londonprintstudio who have addressed social issues in their work. Open catalogue

Graphik Apparel

Exhibition exploring the links between art and fashion. Open Catalogue

Darwin's Dreams

Exhibition of prints by Peter KlĂșcik, Beauvais Lyons and Ruth Marten, marking the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth. Open Catalogue


Exhibition of activist posters 1968 to 2008  Open Catalogue


Limited Imagination

Limited ImaginationTalk at Edinburgh Printmakers

Flat Earth and other Stories